Question Thinking

Training and Consulting

“Solutions that are not strategic and thoughtful can cause even bigger problems. Every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen.”

-Dr. Marilee Adams, President Inquiry Institute

Intentional and sustainable change depends on first changing thinking – and changing thinking requires knowing how to change the internal questions that drive thinking, behaving, and results. Question Thinking (QT) creates more successful solutions in leadership and management, culture, teams, coaching, innovation, and change. QT is based on cutting edge brain-based knowledge about the importance of questions and mindsets. It supports emotional intelligence, positivity, resilience, and appreciative inquiry.

The smartest, most innovative and productive organizations, and the most talented leaders and managers are successful not because they have quick answers, but because they ask constructive questions of themselves and others.

iSOLVit is authorized to provide the Inquiry Institute’s basic training programs and provide Breakthrough Work Sessions using the Q-Storming® methodology. A team, department, company/agency, or community tackles a relevant challenge and experiences breakthrough thinking that results in strategic new action plans.