Types of Sessions

“We ended up exactly where we wanted
and learned some new skills in the process.”
Cindy Biggs
Vice President, Organizational Development
Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio

Using an inspired and collaborative approach, we work with you to design, develop and facilitate the following types of sessions:

Action Planning – Determine a desired outcome, strategic direction and a plan for how to achieve them.
Board Retreats & Meetings – Increase board member knowledge and skills; align board members and staff around key objectives, initiatives or an operational issue.
Conflict Resolution– Resolve issues that impede organizational results.
Executive Retreats – Explore sensitive issues, chart direction, develop better working relationships and processes, develop leadership skills, make key decisions or resolve long-standing conflict.
Focus Groups – Facilitate input or feedback from customers, employees, and other stakeholders that will provide new perspectives and insights.
Issue Processing – Make decisions regarding actions, priorities, and timetables that ensure implementation.
Strategic Planning – Develop your first plan or update a plan due to changes in your organization, your industry, or the environment.
Team Building & Development – Leverage where the team is and take them to the next level.
Vision, Mission and Values – Define or revise the organization’s vision, mission and values.

Participants leave with a renewed sense of commitment to the organization and concrete action plans.

Action Plans + Commitment = Organizational Effectiveness