Mediation & Partnership Building

As a neutral third party skilled in creating collaboration, we facilitate dialogue that results in positive resolutions, collaborations and partnerships for the path forward.

Do you need to develop internal or external partnerships?
Is your organization experiencing conflict?
Are departments, suppliers, vendors in need of new ways to work together?
Do you need to build consensus before moving forward?
Are you looking for a different way to find the best solution?

We use an understanding-based collaborative mediation process, during which we:

  • Listen to identify and develop a multi-layered understanding of the parties and their issues.
  • Create a safe environment for parties to talk about the underlying issues in a respectful, productive and constructive manner to reach solutions that work.
  • Provide Structure and Support for parties to actively participate and make informed decisions together based on a deeper understanding of what is important and meaningful to them.
  • Guide and empower parties to take charge of their own outcome and find a positive path forward.

This understanding-based model helps people work together in ways that honor the past, the parties, their perspectives and their relationships.

If there are legal implications, we welcome lawyers’ participation.  Lawyers participate in helping design the process and develop creative solutions that may be quite different from what a court might do.