Case Studies

Case Studies: Non-Profit Organizations

Type of Engagement
Tactical Planning
Summary and Outcomes
A healthcare organization had completed a strategic planning process and needed to implement the resulting plan by identifying and selecting appropriate tactics for each strategy.

  • Designed, developed and facilitated a planning session using Edward DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats methodology and an Effort – Impact Grid.


  • An operational plan that aligned with the strategic plan.
  • New decision methodologies to use for future initiatives.

Educational Institutions

Type of Engagement
Strategic and tactical planning
Summary and Outcomes
The new Director of External Affairs at a metropolitan school district needed a plan for the school year’s first 60 days with only six weeks lead-time.

  • Designed, developed and facilitated a strategic development session to identify high impact activities that aligned to the strategic plan.
  • Documented activities/projects, participants, success measures, tracking methods and required support.
  • Produced a project-planning document detailing the tasks required to ensure each project’s success.

A planning, implementation and evaluation plan that complemented the organization’s strategies, set goals for the first 60 days and provided a framework for future work.

Outcome-Based Education Situation:
A community college’s School of Business and Information Systems needed to help faculty meet the following objectives:Review and refine their program outcomes. Examine and discuss their program sequence to identify areas for further study and improvements.Actions:

  • Benchmarked other community colleges activity in this area.
  • Produced materials that were used during and after the session.
  • Designed, developed and facilitated a working session for faculty members.
  • Conducted e-reviews of revised program outcomes and provided feedback reports.


  • Refined program outcomes and better course alignment
  • Project plans for improvements.
Strategic planning Situation:
A continuing education unit of a college needed to create departmental goals and identify ideas for program development/expansion that aligned with the organization’s mission.

  • Designed, developed and facilitated a planning retreat to develop objectives and select programming that provided the most impact using the least resources.
  • Developed criteria to select future partners.
  • Generated a list of potential providers that met the criteria.


  • Defined strategic departmental goals.
  • A focused approach to program and partnership development.
  • Partner selection requirements and processes.

Case Studies: Business

Type of Engagement
Organizational Effectiveness
Summary and Outcomes
A business owner was experiencing an error rate that was impacting the bottom line.

  • Defined the outcome and measures.
  • Analyzed current state that included organizational goals, structure, roles and responsibilities, process workflow, new employee on boarding and impact of the owner on operations.
  • Designed, developed and facilitated several planning sessions that focused on:
    • Developing the organization’s mission, values and goals and the on-boarding process for new employees.
    • Process workflow from customer acquisition through product installation.
    • Improving the sales/order process


  • Improved processes and forms that reduced both time and errors.
  • Employees who embraced the values of the organization: serving the customer, teamwork, quality and improvement, creativity and care for the environment.